Hala Sultan Tekke

Located on Larnaka’s (Larnaca's) Salt Lake, the mosque was built in 648 AD, on the spot where Umm Haram died when she fell off her mule, during one of the first Arab raids on the island. According to tradition, Umm Haram was related to the Prophet Mohammed. Grand Chalif Moavia, who was taking part in the expedition, immediately ordered the construction of a mosque at the spot where she had fallen and died.

The mosque was first renovated in 1816 and more recently in 2002 by UNOPS, when archaeological excavations also revealed that the place had been inhabited since Neolithic times.

Today, the mosque stands as one of the most important holy places of worship for Muslims, ranked immediately after Mecca, Medina in Saudi Arabia and Al Aksha in Jerusalem.

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